Working process

Tell me about your idea!

Let's discuss your project. It could be short and sweet. ``Can you make this text document look tomorrow?`` Or more complex, ``I want to create a new and unique identity for my brand.`` How exciting! Let's talk.

I'll get to work!

This is the fun part! Simple requests will be turned around quickly with perfect detail. For more conceptual projects, I will brainstorm, research and sketch out ideas. Then I'll create your design, including several color, font, and layout options to choose from.

What do you think?

Often the first design will blow you away! Sometimes discussing your initial design will bring up NEW ideas...NEW directions to go! I'm happy to keep exploring design options and fine tuning to reach your ``Yes!`` moment.


We have reached your final design! I hope it exceeds your expectations and more. I look forward to what's next!

Let's get started! Send me a message...

Tell me about your project, including a brief description, your budget, and timeline, and I'll get back to you!